The First Quantum Computer Operation System in China
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Introduction to Quantum Computing and Programming

China’s first professional textbook for quantum computing and programming

Compilation: Prof. Guo Guoping’s team from the Key Laboratory of Quantum Information of the CAS, and Origin Quantum’s research team

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The Origin Quantum, the first domestic start-up company for innovative research, promotion and application of quantum computers, focuses on the all around development of quantum computation.

Goal:To create an advanced ecosystem of quantum computing industry in China through developing quantum computing products.

Vision:To enhance quantum computing from the lab for its sincere service to the human society.

Quantum Chip
Based on the principle of quantum physics. Its basic logic unit is a quantum bit. The operating quantum chip can realize the quantum algorithm designed by humans and complete the quantum computing process.
Main Business
Quantum control
Quantum Measurement and Control
A highly integrated system designed for measurement and control of quantum chips, which provides precise control of quantum chip input and output precision signals and systematic management of real-time feedback of signals in ns.
Main Business
QIP research hardware system
The quantum measurement and control system can provide the precise signal needed for the operation of the quantum chip based on the requirement of the application scene of the quantum chip, and realize the complete signal processing flow of the quantum measurement and control, and at the same time, it can provide the real-time feedback response at the level of 100 ns.
cryogenic electronic devices
The ultra-low temperature electronic device can optimize the precision signal of the input / output quantum chip, preserve the effective signal and suppress the specified noise component, thus greatly improve the performance of the quantum chip.
QIP research software toolkit
Quantum measurement and control software can manage the output signal of quantum chip systematically, provide the statistics, display and reprocessing of data, and can greatly improve the application value of quantum chip.
Quantum software
Quantum Software
A program system that manipulates quantum computers for quantum information processing, including quantum computer operating systems, quantum language compilers, quantum applications, and quantum computer integrated development environments.
Main Business
Origin Developer
We had QPanda Framework redefine quantum programming.Using C ++ for quantum software development, access to the most efficient, convenient and powerful programming experience.Open source on the GitHub under the Apache 2.0 protocol.
Qurator is a powerful quantum version of the integrated development environment IQDE.We give Qurator powerful quantum programming utility, so that you bid farewell to the tedious configuration work, focus on development!
Application Customization
No quantum programming?Don't understand quantum algorithms?We'll fix it for you!Professional algorithmic design team to assist your enterprise, the team for quantum application design.By providing your application scenario, we incorporate quantum computing into your application.
OriginIR is the first special instruction set for quantum computing in China.
Support for powerful quantum manipulation flow semantics.
OriginIR-- was born for quantum!
Quantum Cloud
Provide computing cloud services based on real quantum chips
Main Business
Quantum cloud platform
The first : the first Quantum Cloud Computing platform in China, take you into the World of Quantum computer.
Graphical interface: convenient, fast, easy to operate, easy to achieve quantum programming.
Memory sharing: quantum fantasy fleeting?
Don't be afraid, the cloud has the ability to record quickly and automatically save your programming ideas
The world's first mobile access to quantum computer solutions.
Experience quantum programming at any time, mobile life + quantization
Qrigin Education
What is a quantum computer? What about quantum programming?
All the answers you want are here! Not only that, but we also provide guided education, which is not only an expansion of knowledge, but also a leap in the way of thinking!
Quantum computer
Quantum Computer
Directly using unique quantum mechanical phenomena (such as superposition and entanglement) to run a quantum algorithm to perform operational calculations on quantum information data.
Main Business
Quantum processor
A core processor that executes quantum computing programs.
There are many systems in quantum computing chip. According to different physical systems, different physical quantities representing 0 and 1 have different ways of controlling the state of bits.
The user's quantum computing program is turned layer upon layer into manipulation sequences for a particular system before it can be executed.
Quantum simulator
Quantum simulators are special quantum computers for solving specific problems.
It is based on the real quantum system and can simulate some basic evolution process in quantum physics or its analogous evolution process for a specific application scenario.
Quantum computer
Quantum computer is a kind of physical device which follows the laws of quantum mechanics to carry out high-speed mathematical and logical operations, storage and processing of quantum information.
When a device processes and computes quantum information and runs quantum algorithms, it is a quantum computer.
Origin Pilot
Origin Pilot
The quantum operating system is a computer program that manages the hardware and software resources of a quantum computer. It is a server operating system for enterprises and laboratory institutions.
Main Business
Quantum AI
Quantum application
quantum computing industry orientation.
Main Business
Basic Theory
Quantum artificial intelligence is the combination of quantum computing and artificial intelligence, the use of coherent superposition way, can achieve the ordinary computer can not match the supercomputing power, can be the complexity of the NP computing problem, into a P problem.
Machine learning simulation and theory
The machine learning algorithm based on quantum bit is the core of quantum artificial intelligence. By making the machine simulate human learning behavior, it can accelerate the ability and speed of machine learning exponentially, so that quantum computer can achieve a higher level of application.
It mainly includes the principle development of quantum computing and artificial intelligence, which provides revolutionary tools for the development of artificial intelligence.
In financial analysis, data mining, bioinformatics, medical diagnosis, e-commerce and many other fields have a very wide range of applications.
Product center
  • QCPU
  • Quantum control
  • Quantum software
  • Quantum computer
  • Origin Pilot
  • Origin Pilot
  • Quantum AI
    Main Business
    Development, production, package Application and Sale of General Quantum computer Central processing Unit (QCPU), Special Quantum Simulator Central processing Unit (QSPU) and New Quantum function Chip
  • Quantum control Quantum control
    all kinds of integration of vector pulse generator dedicated to quantum CPU、multi-channel and high precision voltage source、signal acquisition module、QIP research hardware system based on FPGA、all kinds of QIP research software toolkits based on quantum measurement and control system、the development, application and sales of all kinds of cryogenic electronic devices.
  • Quantum software Quantum software
    quantum developer tools,application level quantum algorithms, quantum language, quantum instruction set research, application and sales.
    Main Business
    providing online demonstration and teaching service of quantum computing; Provide the development and training service of quantum processor customized for users.
  • Quantum computer Quantum computer
    Main Business
    based on quantum chip, quantum measurement and control system and quantum software, develop quantum computers that follow the laws of quantum mechanics, process and calculate quantum information and run quantum algorithms, and apply and sell related products
  • Quantum computer Origin Pilot
    Main Business
    The quantum operating system is a computer program that manages the hardware and software resources of a quantum computer. It is a server operating system for enterprises and laboratory institutions.
  • Quantum AI Quantum AI
    Main Business
    development, application and sales of application software such as quantum artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm based on quantum processor and quantum simulator


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