Industry Background

At present, asymmetric encryption is widely used in information security systems of the Internet, finance and other industries, playing a significant role in smart card keys, encrypted currencies, secure network transmission, and digital signatures. In recent years, quantum computers gradually stepped out of laboratories, posing a huge threat to the mainstream asymmetric encryption algorithms. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and many governmental, commercial and academic institutions in the European Union and China have kicked off research on related quantum computing and anti-quantum computing cryptographic technologies.

Application Scenarios


While quantum computers jeopardize information security, they also reshape the future of information security.

Quantum computers' robust parallel computing capability and unique combinatorial optimization and resolution capabilities allow them to solve problems that cannot be solved with traditional algorithms, and assist in the design of anti-quantum cryptography and the restructuring of modern information security systems.

Information Encryption

Encryption technology developed on the foundation of quantum computing can cope with the risk of quantum decryption, which is safe not only in the current computing environment, but also in quantum computers. It features the advantages of fast operation, high compatibility, and multi-scenario application, and will become the guardian of data security in the future world.

Safety Authentication

The non-reproducible nature of qubit makes it advantageous in defending against third-party information attacks, based on which a variety of unique information security application solutions are developed. The most typical one is to enforce non-deceptive identity authentication in the event that the information is incomplete and not transparent, thereby verifying the information security of commercial companies, government organizations, and scientific research institutes.

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