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Established in Hefei High-Tech Zone in 2017, Origin Quantum Computing Technology (Hefei) Co., Ltd. (in short as "Origin Quantum") is a leader in China's quantum computing, with the CAS Key Laboratory of Quantum Information being its origin of technology. With a focus on building a quantum computing industry ecosystem, Origin Quantum has been working on independently controllable engineering-oriented quantum computers, developing full-stack quantum computing, and actively promoting the industrialization of quantum computing.


Allow quantum computing to truly serve the humankind outside laboratories


Contribute the Chinese power to quantum computing

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Origin Quantum (Hefei Headquarter)

Tel: 0551-63836038

E-mail: oqc@originqc.com

Address: No. 900 Wangjiang West Road, Shushan District, Hefei, Anhui;

Floor 6, Building E2, Innovation Industrial Park Phase II, No. 2800, Innovation Avenue, High-tech District, Hefei, Anhui (Headquarter)

Origin Quantum Instrument

Tel: 028-61053428

E-mail: byky@originqc.com

Address: No. 104, Building 21, Chuangke Mansion, No. 2039, South Section of Tianfu Avenue, Tianfu New District, Chengdu