Superconducting Quantum Computer

The 24-bit superconducting quantum computer is the latest blockbuster
in Origin Quantum's Wuyuan commercial quantum computer family.

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What is a superconducting quantum computer?

A superconducting quantum computer refers to a physical system of quantum computing formed on the physical foundation of superconducting Josephson junction.

Among the various physical implementations of quantum computing, superconducting quantum computing based on superconducting circuits is the most developed technology route for physically implementing quantum computing at the forefront of industrialization as of today. As technology evolves, superconducting quantum computing can preliminarily satisfy the various requirements of quantum computers. In the meantime, the scale and performance of superconducting quantum chips have stepped into the era of Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) technology.

Components of a Superconducting Quantum Computer

The WY-SC24-100 Superconducting Quantum Computer consists of the 24-bit superconducting quantum chip system, the quantum computer control system, the quantum computer operating system, and the quantum computer environment support system

Quantum Chip System

The superconducting quantum chip system based on the Kuafu KF-C24-100 superconducting quantum processor is the computing kernel of a quantum computer that runs quantum programs.

Quantum Computer Control System

The quantum computing control system is the control system of a quantum computer that governs the operation of quantum chips.

Quantum Computer Environment Support System

Consisting of an ultra-low temperature cooling system and an active damping system for the mainframe, it provides a reliable operating environment for the stable operation of the quantum computer.

Quantum Computer Operating System

Origin Pilot, the first quantum computer operation system in China, is independently developed by Origin Quantum. It provides a fundamental quantum computing software framework for quantum computers, and is capable of quantum computing multitasking, automatically calibrating quantum chips, and efficiently managing quantum resources.

Application of Quantum Computers

With groundbreaking computing capabilities, quantum computers will play a vital role in biomedicine, big data, artificial intelligence, financial technology among other fields, and may well change their fundamental development pattern.
  • Engineering Design

    Engineering Design

    Quantum computing can improve computational efficiency in engineering design.

  • Biochemistry


    With the parallel property of quantum computer, the development of chemical simulation, material computing and drug design can be accelerated.

  • Financial Technology

    Financial Technology

    The parallelism of quantum computing can apply to mass data processing, high-frequency trading scenario and complicated market situation in the financial industry.

  • Big Data

    Big Data

    Quantum computers can exponentially improve computing efficiency and increase the speed of big data analysis.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    Quantum computers can analyse big data more efficiently, shorten the learning curve of artificial intelligence machines, and accelerate the development of artificial intelligence.

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