The solution of superconducting quantum chip test and characterization system is mainly composed of quantum measurement and control integrated machine and quantum measurement and control software. It can realize the screening test and characterization of superconducting quantum chips, and can complete the parameter calibration of quantum logic gates for selected quantum chips.


  • Features
    Screening test and performance characterization supporting superconducting quantum chips
  • Features
    Parameter calibration of single qubit logic gate and double qubit logic gate supporting superconducting quantum chip
  • Features
    Supports testing and calibration of quantum chips using classical experiments, and supports automatic data processing and analysis
  • Features
    Support user - defined experiments to test quantum chips
  • Features
    User-friendly testing software interface and comprehensive functionality

Major Equipment


  • Integrated Vector Source Module
  • Integrated Voltage Source Module
  • Integrated AWG module
  • Integrated microwave measurement transceiver module

Quantum Measurement and Control Software

  • Visual GUI interface
  • Custom waveform editing and importing
  • Support for parameter adjustment of integrated measurement and control hardware modules
  • Supports the storage and processing of quantum chip measurement data